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What is a Fan?
Updated over a week ago

IMPORTANT: Talk to your league or team administrator today if you are listed as a Fan in the app but feel you should be a Rostered Member or tied to a rostered member. You must be rostered correctly in the system or associated with a rostered athlete to gain full access to the SportsEngine mobile app features.

A Fan is a non-rostered user with limited team access in the SportsEngine mobile app.

Anyone can follow a team made public by that team's organization as a "Fan." You can read more on how to find and follow your favorite teams.

NOTE: If a Team has been made Private by the league, you will NOT be able to follow this team as a "Fan" in the SportsEngine mobile app. You can read more on why you may not be able to see your favorite team(s).

What Can a Fan Do?

  • View the team schedule.*

  • View the first name and last initial of the roster.*

  • View stats and standings.*

*If made public by the team.

What Can a Fan Not Do?

  • View or participate in team chats.

  • Send or receive team messages.

  • RSVP to games or events.

  • View team media posts.

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