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How to Find and Follow Teams
How to Find and Follow Teams
Updated over a week ago

Rostered Members, Guardians, Fans, and League Administrators can find and follow teams.

Only Teams created with SportsEngine's Premium HQ appear in the Team Search.

Accepting a Fan Invite and Following a Team

  1. Click on the URL provided to you by a rostered team member/fan.

  2. To the right of the "Team," tap the Star.

    • NOTE: A solid blue or yellow star means you are following the Team.

Follow a Team as a Rostered Member or Guardian

If you are a Team Member or a Guardian of an athlete, your team automatically appears on the "Teams" tab upon being rostered to an active team.

If you are a rostered member or guardian and do not see your team in the SportsEngine mobile app, tap here.

Using the Team Search

If you cannot find the team using the Team Search, please ask a member of the team you wish to follow to share their team's URL with you.

  1. From the Home tab, tap the Search Icon.

  2. Enter the "Team Name."

  3. Tap the Team you wish to follow.

  4. Tap Yes, Favorite This Team.

    • NOTE: A solid blue star when a team is selected means you are following the Team.

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