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Why Can't I See My Favorite Team(s)?
Why Can't I See My Favorite Team(s)?
Updated over a week ago

NOTE: If your team has not yet been created in the app or is not yet visible on your league's SportsEngine website, it will not appear in the SportsEngine App.

For teams managed by organizations using SportsEngine HQ, you may not be able to see your team in the SportsEngine mobile app if:

  • Your team has not yet been made Active by the organization.

  • The season has ended.

  • You accidentally unfollowed your team.

  • The team has been made Private.*

  • The league has disabled the team.

  • You are not listed as a Guardian for the player's rostered profile on the team.

  • The registration for the player was tied to the account owner by mistake.

*This will prevent non-rostered members from becoming team fans.

NOTE: Any questions regarding your team's status should be directed to your adminstrator. If you are still unable to find your team, contact your Team or League Administrator for further assistance.

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