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What is a Rostered Member?
What is a Rostered Member?
Updated over a week ago

Rostered Members are officially rostered players or volunteers of a team or are associated with an officially rostered player. Rostered Members can be

  • A rostered player.

  • A rostered staff volunteer.

  • A Guardian of a rostered player.

What Can a Rostered Member Do?

  • View team schedules.

  • View the full roster.

  • Participate in team chats.

  • Send and receive team messages.

  • RSVP to games and events.

  • View and upload team media posts.*

  • View standings and statistics.*

*May be dependent on administrative approval.

NOTE: If you cannot access some of these listed features, you may be viewing your team as a Fan. Talk to your league or team manager today to have them add you to the official roster.

How do Rostered Members Follow their Team?

The team of a Rostered Member will appear in the "Teams" tab of the SportsEngine mobile app by default once the team has been made Active.

Click here if you are a Rostered Member and do not automatically see your team in the SportsEngine mobile app.

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