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How to Access a Premium HQ Team in the App
How to Access a Premium HQ Team in the App
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As a Rostered Member

If you are a rostered member on an active team using Premium HQ, access your team by following these steps:

  1. Download the SportsEngine App.

  2. Enter the email associated with your SportsEngine account.

  3. Enter your password, or request a Magic Link.

    • The Magic Link must be clicked on from the same device your app is installed.

  4. Rostered members of active teams appear in the Teams list. Tap on it to access the roster, schedule, and team chat.

As a Fan

Only active teams using Premium HQ appear in the team search.

  1. Download the SportsEngine App.

  2. Create an Account or sign in using your email address and password or magic link.

  3. In the top right corner, tap Add Team.

  4. Tap Search for an Existing Team.

  5. Search using the team's or organization's name.

  6. Tap the Team you'd like to access

    • Follow the on-screen prompts or tap the Star Outline to favorite this team. When following, the star will turn a solid blue.

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