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How to Edit a Rostered Member
How to Edit a Rostered Member
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You must be the Team's Creator, a Team Admin, or assigned Team Manager privileges to edit the roster through the SportsEngine mobile app.

Team administrators can edit the following information for a rostered member:

  • Name*

  • Player Jersey #

  • Roster Photo

  • Position

  • Add Guardians

  • Custom Roster Variables

*This information will only affect the name as it appears on the roster and will not change any information to the athlete's profile.

  1. From the Home tab, select the "Team" you wish to manage.

  2. Tap Roster.

  3. Tap the Players or Staff tab.

  4. Locate and tap on the "Teammate" you wish to manage.

  5. Tap the Edit Icon.

  6. Make all desired changes.

  7. Once complete, tap Save Updates.

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