How to View and Manage Messages
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To prevent problems with sending and receiving messages, please ensure you have the most recent app version, which can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

When viewing Messages, you have the following mailboxes available:

  • Inbox - Received Messages

  • Sent - Outgoing Messages

  • Trash - Deleted Messages

View Messages

  1. From the Home tab, select the "Team" you wish to manage.

  2. Tap Messages.

  3. Tap Inbox, Sent, or Trash.

  4. Select a "Message" to view.

Reply to Messages

  1. Continuing from the directions above, tap Reply.

    • You may tap To to add additional recipients to your response.

  2. Once all desired recipients have been selected, tap the Checkmark.

  3. Tap Message and input message body.

  4. Once satisfied, tap the Send Icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Delete Message

  1. Continuing from View Message directions above, tap the Trash icon.

  2. Tap Trash to confirm.

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