How to Add a Guardian
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To add a Guardian, you must be the Primary Account Owner of the SportsEngine account. If you are a Team Administrator who wishes to add a guardian on behalf of an athlete, click here.

  1. Tap Account.

  2. Tap on the Player Profile you wish to manage beneath Household Information.

  3. In the lower-left corner, tap Guardian.

  4. Tap Add Guardian.

  5. Enter the Email Address of the guardian you wish to add.

    • If you have multiple player profiles with this person as a guardian, tap the toggle switch to make them a guardian of these profiles.

  6. In the upper right-hand corner, tap Send Invite.

    • NOTE: The invited guardian will appear in the Guardians tab as Pending until their invitation has been accepted. You will receive an email when the guardian has accepted the invite.

Helpful tip! Athletes 13 or older can create an account and be added as a guardian to their player profile to access the app with their own credentials but still be tied to the primary account.

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